Thursday, December 2, 2010

peas in a pod

I often call these two "the twins", they are so much alike and often mimic each other. Since they were little babies Kid2 always had to beat Kid1 at everything he did. The funny this is that Kid1 honestly rarely noticed and never really cared. When they were potty training Kid1 was perched on the little tiny pot while Kid2 was queen of the BIG potty, when Kid1 was learning to tie his shoes she was hiding in a corner with my shoe trying to learn first! Brothers and sisters often have a very special relationship and mine certainly do. They fuss and fight and go through hard times but when it gets right down to it they truly trust each other the most. I love pictures of them together, I love to see them standing near each other laughing and smiling. I have a great amount of peace knowing that these two will always have each other to depend on. They are two peas in a pod!

(guess what? now they even have matching cars... LOL)

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