Thursday, December 9, 2010

a hearty helping of worry.

A few months ago this little lady had to have an echocardiogram and to be honest Mr. B. and I were freaking out! As soon as the Dr. said “significant heart murmur” I freaked out a little inside… it’s a sick feeling to think something might be wrong with your child. We didn’t have to wait too long to get the echo done, it was less than ten days, but we were on pins and needles every one of those days waiting. I caught myself looking at her and wondering how parents of VERY sick children can even sleep at night? I have a friend whose kids are often in the hospital and I admire her strength.

When the day of the echo came we were at the appointment early, coffee in hand ready to face this head on… I’m going to keep this short… we ended up switching hospitals and having a later appointment (mostly because I don’t check my voicemail). When my little goose climbed up on that big hospital bed and the nurse started looking at her heart with every swipe I looked hard at the machine, at the colors. I listened to her little heart beating away and wondered how I even made it through one single day without her before she came to me. I sat thinking about my children and how they have blessed my life, all in different ways. I thought about my big girl who lives so far away and how I could not love her more. I thought about how lucky I am to have children…

Her echocardiogram came out fine. Nothing. She’s fine, and I wonder how I am so lucky? I am so thankful to have a healthy child. She is MY heart.

Scare over. Heart healthy… and we can breath again!

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Ashlee said...

What a relief and a blessing. So happy for good news!