Saturday, December 18, 2010

oh what a night…..

“I HATE it when the right lane ends”…. These are the words from my baby’s mouth as he drives me and his sisters across the country to meet my parents and pick up our beloved Kid3…. As he chats on I want to throw up because it’s not AT ALL that he’s not a good driver… it’s VERY MUCH that I am a nervous Nellie.

I want to sleep.. Im tired but I just can’t. Partly because he is ME and chatting my ear off and partly because I am too nervous to sleep… will he drive off the road…? Will he text and drive? Will he try to reach a snack and kill us all? What if an armadillo runs out in front of us and he swerves…

He did great, but I didn’t sleep a wink because he said things like this to me ALL NIGHT…

“What if you receive a thousand dollar bill in the mail and it was postmarked Agent X, but you knew it was me… would you be worried or thankful for the money… ? “

“What if I told you that I was moving you out of the country because I had gotten mixed up in the cartel and I changed your name to Gloria shoesack…..? “

“MOM- what if you could pick anything you wanted to drive would you drive a Honda? Would you want a civic….? “

“MOM, what if I your car could drive 200 miles an hour, would you?”

“What if I become a spy and gauge my nose to I have a keen sense of smell?”

“Lets say the worlds about to end and Im the only one who could save it but I die…. BUT I manage to save it first, would you have a sense of pride knowing your son saved the world?”


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wabisabigirl said...

Do you remember that I used to ask my mom if we were on a ship and it was sinking and she could only save Amie, Andy or me, which one would she save? :) And she'd try to say she'd save us all, but she couldn't since it was my question:) I was bad!