Friday, December 24, 2010

on this farm...

I grew up here, playing, exploring, learning about the circle of life, cuddling baby piglets, kittens, bunnies and puppies. I spent my summers right there in that barn in hot sticky Oklahoma and loved every minute of it. My cousins, brother and I spent hours in the feed swimming in mounds of corn. We spent lazy summer afternoons laying in the pig pens watching the piglets nurse from their tired mommies and stole kisses from their teeny tiny perfectly pink snouts when they took a breath. We spent days and days running through the garden, gathering eggs and playing in mud. This place, this summer getaway was like heaven to us. It has aged, but so have we. There it stands still though, guarding my childhood memories like a soldier. I have always felt my memories were safe here at this barn, on this property under this red hot Oklahoma sun.

I love to bring my kids to this place. My Kid4 LOVES animals and was in heaven when she got to pet the new bull. She memorized his number so she could remember him better.

This picture is hanging on the "wall of fame" in my Grandfathers house. It hangs with the other family members and lets us see just how fast we grew. This picture seems like yesterday, I can still remember exactly everything about that day. Oh we have grown and changed. Isn't my sister a doll face? I treated her like my own personal little baby doll! She's still as cute as a button!

Here I am again…. "Two chins" in all her glory… I figure theres really no picture worse than the aquarium picture so I might as well share them all… OH DEAR- at least my second chin was smiling… ANYWHOOOO…. is my Grandpa cute or what? And NO! I do not have an antler growing out of my head… SHESH!

P.S. Happy Christmas Eve! I hope all your dreams come true!

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