Thursday, April 15, 2010


Some days I really miss a newborn face. Those cheeks, that little soft new born hair, those rolls. There is nothing that feels quite a like a newborn.
I remember those first moments when my babies were born. I can still see their little faces. With Kid1 I was so young and I remember him feeling so heavy when they laid him on my chest. I was surprised that he was so pink. I felt totally prepared for Kid2 but when she was born I was brought to tears because she was a little perfect girl. She was tiny and purple. Kid3 was a giant of a baby and he was gorgeous. He was easy breezy from the minute he was born, thank goodness since he was third. Kid4 literally took our breath away. We were older when we had her and we savored every minute of her firsts.
Oh to have the simple newborn days back...

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