Wednesday, April 7, 2010

mother of the year

Drumroll please…….
ANNNNNNNND the mother of the year award goes toooooooooooo…….

Have you seen or heard of the SAW movies? I for one think they are HORRIBLE, I saw (haha…) parts of the first one, the parts that I wasn’t covering my eyes on and I think no human should watch them. I have been pretty careful with what my kids watched their whole lives but Kid1 is almost 18 years old and I try not to give my opinion about the movies he watches now. BUT! I do not want the SAW movies in my house, I am terrified that Kid4 will pop one in and be scarred for life.

Kid1 bought the SAW 3 pack over the break and as soon as I saw (haha…) them I said “NO WAY”. He agreed to take them back and get something else. I set it in the laundry room but the cover of the movie was scaring me, so with nowhere else to put the movie I stuck it into a bag while I did the laundry. A few days later I remembered about the movies and wanted to give them to Kid1 to take back but couldn’t remember where I put the movie.

(this is where the mother of the year award comes in)

Yesterday, after a long spring break I picked the kids up from school, got everyone settled at home and sat down to check my face book and there was a message from Kid4’s darling teacher. As I read it beads of panicking sweat poured down my brow because guess what she said?
“Kid1 brought a movie to school today and she said she didn’t know how it got in her backpack. I put it back in her backpack myself and told her not to take it out again until she got home”……

I almost D.I.E.D.

In horror I wrote her very sweet teacher back telling her that I didn’t want the movies in my house and I didn’t want to see them either so I put them somewhere and then forgot where I put them…. OBVIOUSLY I had shoved them into Kid4’s backpack feeling like I would take them out later that day…

ANY-HOO……. Mother of the year! That’s ME!

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