Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 16th birthday baby girl!

She's growing up....

Dear little girl… where do I even begin.

I can remember the day you were born and how excited we were that you were a girl. I can remember your Dads face and how in love with you he was. I can still see a tear in Papa’s eye when he looked at you. You captivated us, you changed our lives. We went from one child to having “KIDS”.

I always loved pink but I fell head over heels for pink once I laid my eyes on you. Auntie Melissa use to tell me how I needed to put bright colors on you because you were so pale… I only wanted you to wear pink and white. I only ever wanted you to look just like a princess.

I’ve spent years wondering what it would be like when you grew up, I’ve spent years just sure that age 16 would never come and here it is. It seems impossible that you are 16, it seems impossible that you could be so old. It seems like yesterday you were perched in my lap while Kid1 was doing silly things to make you smile. It seems like yesterday that you were little and pink and could fit so easily in your Daddy’s arms.

I look at you now and am so often impressed by your ability to handle it all. I watch as you approach your days with grace and confidence. I often listen to you talk and wonder how you got so grown and so reasonable. I’m thankful for you every day, you will never know just how I feel about you.

I have been teasing you about skipping your birthday lately and although I know it’s not possible to keep you 15 forever, I wish I could in so many ways. I hope you don’t lose your sense of silliness, your eye for fun. I hope you don’t allow being older to change your heart too much. I want you to be happy, I want you to be free spirited and light hearted for as long as you can.

You are my first baby girl, my treasured friend and the light of my life. Don't change a thing little darling, you're perfectly perfect! Like Bella says "I love you 100 times in a thousand rows".... and even more....

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Holly said...

What an awesome letter to your daughter! I remember being 16 - it was a fun age. :)