Thursday, April 29, 2010

My little goose

Dear little girl, my dear little girl, you light up my life. My days are full of sunshine because of you. Every morning when I wake you up and drag your little hiney out of bed I am honored to be your mother. When you wiggle your little self into your school clothes I watch and am in love with the way you move. Every single morning when you can’t find the shoes you want to wear I sneak a peek at those little piggies and the chipped nail polish that adorns them and am giddy that your mine. When I drop you off at school in the morning I always say “have a good day goose” and you smile that little darling smile. You are my baby goose. You’re amazing and smart. You have the whole world at your finger tips. Although I’d love to keep you five forever I am thrilled to have the honor of watching you grow. I love you so much more than I could every express and I am excited to show you for the rest of my life just how much. I love you little goosey.