Monday, April 12, 2010

Kid4's a hoot and a holler!

Upon further investigation I discover that this is not normal. I’m not saying its weird, I’m just saying it’s not how other kids write… OK… maybe a little weird, but that’s okay. I like it. If you could write backwards, wouldn’t you do it all the time just to see what other people would say? I would!

Upon further investigation, not really current investigation, kid3 drew all the anatomy on his stick people for years so I know that this IS normal. It’s still mortifying to us though. This was the picture she was going to give to her friend at a birthday party yesterday. Mr. B. so kindly said to her “Honey, how about you draw Lindsay another picture WITHOUT boobs”. I laughed!

Oh my life…. What a hoot!

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wabisabigirl said...

Ok, I will not even tell you what London drew a picture of today! Makes the boobs look tame;)