Saturday, November 14, 2009

give those regrets a BIG OL' hug

Do you look back on your life and have regrets? I use to say I never wanted regrets; I always wanted to own all my choices and be happy with them. That “never wanting to have regrets” was before I was human I guess. It makes no sense to never have regrets and I truly believe that if you have none, you’re kidding yourself.

Regrets can be defined as living life. Have you ever had a hair cut you weren’t crazy about but just HAD to have? Have you ever worn the velour pants one to many places? Have you ever had one bite, maybe ten bites too many? That’s regret friends, its life!

I know it’s easier to look back than forward but it’s so much more productive to look forward. You know how we all say “I’m really looking forward to________ (insert fun thing here)? That’s what life’s about, it’s about looking forward.

I’m not saying don’t live in the moment! I believe that living in the moment, cherishing each minute that you have right then. I think that while looking forward to the next great adventure it’s best to stop as much as possible and look around at what you have and be thankful for it. I think it’s the most wonderful thing to stop while loving a moment and absorb the good feeling, that very second, the one you can’t get back and don’t want to REGRET missing.

Does it all make sense? Did reading this blog make you want to never look back in regret, always cherish every moment and love every second possible of your life?

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I was afraid you’d say that!

(me and my Dad)

My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. I fell in love with this poem because it's my Dad's favorite and it's so true. I have blogged before about the road less taken and I'd like to encourage you to take it. Take the road less taken. There will be regrets, trust me. Regrets are part of the road less taken, they are also part of the road most taken. Regrets are part of every road. I can promise you this; if you take the road less taken there will be less regret, more hapiness, and easier days had by all. It's a fact.

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