Monday, November 2, 2009

the boots (trip)

Once upon a time long long ago two little boys would get in the car and after a long long trip of fun in the country they would go home with new cowboy boots. This was our tradition before we lived in Mt. Perfect, when we visited we went to the boot store downtown and they picked out a new pair of boots and wore them proudly home.

This year our boys are no longer country boys and there is only one sweet little pair of feet to cover in tradition. We made our trip to downtown Mt Perfect and picked a very beautiful and very pink pair of cowGIRL boots for Kid4. She has worn them proudly and we were thrilled to be able to carry on the tradition.


jen said...

Aw love the pink boots! tell her I have the mamma version of those! When we lived in texas it was a tradition to get the whole family gussied and go to the fort worth stock show in our duds every year. Such fun!

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

Excuse me!!! I didnt't get a call from ya'll while ya'll were here!!!! Too busy huh???