Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I *heart* Mr. B and me (trip)

Once upon a time long long ago, a boy met a girl and they instantly fell in love. Their eyes met and the rest is history.

History goes a little like this: we were too poor to get married but we did. Too poor to have children so we had 4 and too poor to eat out and love life so we lived it up every chance we got. Nearly 18 years later, we are still living life and enjoying each other and our children daily.

Have we had our ups and downs? Absolutely we have! Have we struggled and wanted to throw in the towel? Oh yes, we certainly have. Are we still together witnessing each others lives, pushing the other to live life to the fullest? YES YES we are!

Mr. B. and I are still in love, we still have up’s and downs like all couples do but at the end of the day we’re happy that we belong together. We’re happy that we’re in love.

Ain’t love grand?

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Brandi said...

It is indeed! That is a fabulous picture of you guys (and you look amazing)! ;)