Friday, November 27, 2009

LOWES is for


Why is Lowe’s for boys you ask?

There are so many reasons and I’m not even sure where to begin.

First of all don’t you think that the wood of the same sizes should be kept together?
Can you even imagine how efficient it would be at the store if the prices were all in the same spot? Can you imagine the prices all being either above or below the actual wood? Can you imagine how easy it would be if all the right wood was in the right piles? Like if there weren’t sheets of pine mixed in with sheets of siding wood? I know, I know… it would be a perfect world. Can you imagine if while you were struggling with a piece of 4X8 wood someone, a man helping you put it on the cart that doesn’t roll straight? Can you imagine that it might take less than 2 full hours of choosing wood if Lowe’s were more girl friendly.

We went, we picked our wood, we bought it, we loaded it, we had it cut, we paid for it, we loaded it again on two carts, we loaded it AGAIN into my truck and then we unloaded it into the preschool. We now have 3 bulletin boards, 7 shelves and some really cute molding around the easel/chalkboard area. It’s gorgeous!

BUT Lowe’s IS for BOYS!

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