Saturday, November 28, 2009

The zipping ceases

Why do we shop on Black Friday? Seriously WHY DO WE DO IT?!

Bat Girl and I have been shopping on Black Friday for years and years and years in Dallas and friends I am here to tell you that I have never seen crowds like I saw this morning in Warner Robins, Georgia!

Last night Bat Girl mentioned to me that there was a sale on a certain baby doll that I have been coveting for kid4. I wanted her last summer for Bat Girls pool and then for Kid4’s birthday but the doll is FORTY DOLLARS! I don’t mind paying a pretty penny for like say an American Girl doll. As a matter of fact Kid2 has quite a few American girl dolls, but FORTY DOLLARS for an all plastic doll … okay it doesn’t make sense, never mind. Here’s the bottom line- I wanted the doll for cheap. So Bat Girl says “Hey that swimming doll is 20 bucks at Toy R Us and it opens at midnight”. It was late already so we thought heck we’ll head to Toys R Us at 11:40 and zip in and pick up the doll…

Do you think that’s what happened? Do you think we “zipped in”? I’ll give you three guesses…

“run in real quick”
NO be home in an hour and head to bed before the real shopping day begins.
Not even a parking spot.

I have never seen such a crowd.

Do you think I waited in line to save TWENTY DOLLARS on a doll?

I’ll let YOU guess!