Sunday, November 1, 2009

Granddaddy (trip)

Our recent trip was very eventful. We visited our darling niece and Mr. B.’s sister, we attended the funeral of my sweet sweet Great Grandmother, we stayed at my fun friend Linda’s house and enjoyed her hospitality, and we attended a football game, a reunion a picnic and saw many family and friends.

While we were in Oklahoma for my Great Grandma’s funeral I got to kiss my Granddaddy’s cheek and love on him a little bit. My Great Grandma was his mother. Can you imagine having your mother around for over 85 years?

A few nights ago I dreamed about kissing my granddaddy’s scratchy cheek. It was such a pleasant dream to wake up too and remember. I have kissed my Granddaddy’s cheek hundreds of times in my life and hope to kiss it hundreds of more times in the future! Hugging his neck is such a secure and familiar feeling. He smells like Old Spice and farm, he’s wrapped in denim from head to toe most days and I can just close my eyes and see his strong farm hands holding my babies.

Oh’ I love him so.

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