Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have blogged many times about girls and the special bonds and friendships they have. I am so honored to be a witness to my daughter’s life, to her friendships, to her ups and downs. It’s been a pleasure all these years to meet and love on her friends. While in Mt Perfect there are some particular special friends that I SURE do love to love on!

This is Kid2’s DARLING friend D-Ann. There is possibly no sweeter person in the world then precious D-Ann. This darling beauty has a heart of gold and if I could steal her and make her mine I would! (shhhhhh! Don’t tell her momma because she might not let D-Ann visit us anymore- LOL)
It’s so exciting to see them run to each other and hold onto each other like it’s been years when it’s only been a few months smiling for hours when they are finally back together. I love girls, I love witnessing their lives, relationships and watching them grow.

Girls are the best (except when they’re not being the best and then it’s just the worst- you know what I mean)

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