Tuesday, January 8, 2013


To say I am thankful for Kid5 is a gross underestimate.

Thankful (adjective)- pleased, relieved, expressing gratitude

Im not sure there is a word strong enough to describe my feelings for Kid5. From the minute that Kid5 was brought to my attention I deeply loved her. I spent nights worrying about her and days daydreaming about her. I knew she was meant to be "Kid5" from the moment I saw her on that ultrasound. We all packed in the room and the nurse announced that she was a girl, I practically did cartwheels of joy. I think I smiled for a week straight.

Kid5 is adopted, she is a gift from her birth mother to our family and we cherish her every little breath and movement. I loved her birth mother too. Her birth mother was a little tiny beautiful blonde who was full of life from the moment she was born.

She gave me the gift of seeing my baby be born, being the first to hold her, the first to kiss her. There are no words to express my gratitude for her. I love her birth mom deeply, I hope she knows that I do.

My beautiful, full of life, curious, amazing Kid5 is a miracle to us. She makes every teenager smile even on a bad day. She brings a snicker to the elderly and hysterical laughter from the little ones. She brings pure happiness, true joy and utter excitement to our lives. We are much older now, we are able to enjoy every mess, every spill, and every diaper. We have loved the car seats, the highchairs, the bottles, the tiny clothes, we love it all. In fact, we definitely indulge her every whim and are totally okay with it. She drags us around from room to room, toy to toy and we are delighted to hear every noise she utters.

Kid5 lights up our lives and anyone she smiles at. She loves everyone she meets and makes any stranger feel at home. She is the friendliest, funniest little perfect girl. This little brilliant beauty completed our family and I can't imagine our life without her.

I love you little busy bee :)

Be still and be thankful for every gift in life.

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