Friday, January 18, 2013

potty mouth

One of my favorite memories of Kid4 takes place several years ago in McKinney Texas. My mom and I went downtown and visited a nice restaurant called Poppy's Garden cafe' for lunch. Kid4 had to potty so I took her to the bathroom. The restaurant is in an old house, its beautiful. It's wasn't particularly busy and there was a lady or two in the restroom. I situated Kid4 in the stall and waited while another lady washed her hands. All of a sudden Kid4 started shouting things like "POOP! POTTY! GAS! BOTTOM! POOP, POOP, POOP!" I was literally speechless, I am positive that the color drained from my face and that my mouth was hanging open. I was really trying to hold it together and was wishing with all of my might that I would have just stayed in the stall with her so that I could be hiding. I said "HONEY, what are YOU doing"? She very nicely and calmly said "Mom, I am saying the words that you said are ONLY words I can use in the bathroom". One lady snickered, another quickly excused herself and I just honestly wasn't sure what to say. She had a point, and I really had no ground to stand on. I think I said something like "how about we change the rule to only saying them in OUR bathroom?" She felt like that was a perfectly great addendum. I was wishing I had thought of that much sooner.

Now I look back and laugh, thank goodness. She still feels completely alone in the bathroom, like ALL bathrooms are sound proof. poor kid, she'll have some hard lessons when she starts dating ;)

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