Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thankful -"Aunt LEEEEEEnda"

My Kid4 and Lindas Kid2 and 3. Friends for life :)

I love me some Leeeeeenda! Let me tell you about my friend Linda, she absolutely was going to be my friend whether I wanted it or not. I love that about her now but back then, I wasn't so sure. She invited me to every play date, every girls shopping trip to Dallas and every MOPS meeting. I declined probably 95% of the invites.

I got brave once, bundled my little Kid4 up and went to a play date that no one else showed up to. I was totally freaked out, I am not social and had no idea what we were going to talk about. We spent the day talking and laughing and although skeptical I really enjoyed her company.

Our little babies are only 4 days apart and we spent many days letting them crawl around and enjoy being babies together. Over the years I completely fell in love with my Linda and can't imagine my life without her. Shes spent hours praying for me, my husband and children. She knows all my sins and bad behavior and she has always loved me anyway.

When I head back to East Texas, she is always my first stop. I can't imagine life without her, I deeply treasure her friendship and respect the person that she is to me and so many others.

AYE LEEEENDA…. I love you!

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