Wednesday, January 23, 2013

better than a hallelujah

I read** the book "The Shack" and without going into detail because I just don't have the words to explain the book, I will tell you that it really spoke to me. After the book I heard Amy Grants song "Better than a hallelujah". I have heard this song before and I really love it, but this time it spoke to me differently.

Before I go any further here I want to put a disclaimer on the word "drunkard" I think many words are viewed as offensive when actually they aren't. This word means habitually drunk, an alcoholic. It's a fact with no emotion tied to it at all. It's a word, thats all. 

Have you ever heard a "drunkards cry"? A drunkards cry is honestly the most sincere cry I have ever heard. I've always known it was honest, I have always known it was sincere but I couldn't explain to you why.

I have known several habitually drunk people, but I have only heard a sincere drunkards cry from three.  The first time I heard the cry out for Gods help I was completely taken back, I was speechless and I wanted to take it all from them. I was helpless and they were hopeless. In her song she mentions "the honest cries of breaking hearts are better than a hallelujah" and I think thats such an amazing thought. Often we are wrapped up in obeying rules, following God or commands or people. We get awards, we get a pat on the back for following simple rules or playing a good game… but what about the cries from a drunkard? What about the honestly hopeless man who cries out because it's all he has left? Those are the cries that grab me and twist at my heart. The woman who throws herself down crying out for God to help her, the man who is grasping at all he has left those are the beautiful sounds if you listen to them. Those cries are the cries that are coming from the depths of a mans' soul.

Listen for a drunkards cry, a grieving mothers sob, a terrified soldiers moan, listen for  honest grief and reach out. Remember that the cry of a weak man really IS better than a hallelujah sometimes.

** I actually listened to the book and did not read it.

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Susan said...

This is beautiful Ashley!!! God truly does use the weak to lead the strong. They humble us and wake up our hearts, drawing us nearer and nearer to the Lord. Thank God for the cry of the helpless! I believe that we are all helpless.... Some of us just don't know it yet. ;)