Thursday, June 17, 2010

OH' brother

forever ago

this summer

last summer

Bat Girl and I are having a lovely time in New Mexico. We are boy-free, sleeping in and having Starbucks... well I am, she doesn't drink coffee.

Tuesday we went to Albuquerque to visit my brother. We had such a nice time hanging around with him, he doesn't mind shopping and hanging out with us, he doesn't mind our loud laughs and tacky jokes. One of my favorite things about my brother is that he enjoys good food and a tacky joke!

I have thousands of memories of my brother and I playing for hours outside, inside and everywhere. My brother always had the best imagination and on long trip he would do funny voices and tell me long elaborate stories about how he used to be a girl but he kissed his elbow and turned into a boy... I actually believed him! We built forts and rode bikes, he built me a dirt bike with a purple tire and taught me how to make skid marks on the road.

I've always been thankful to have a big brother and I love him dearly!

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