Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to you darling six year old

*her first minute*

*her fourth birthday*

*her fifth birthday*

My Dear Dear Sweet and Sassy six year old,

I literally CANNOT believe that you turn 6 today. When I look back at these 6 years I can’t believe how the time has flown and I wish I could slow down the minutes we have together.

I keep looking at you this summer and wanting to make this the summer of a lifetime, doing all the things that a 6 year old could ever dream of because next summer you won’t be 6 anymore. Everyday I look at you I want to bottle up your energy and answer each question but instead sometimes you make me tired and I want you to be quieter, don’t worry that’s just the tired mom in me.

It’s funny how when I stop and look at your beautiful face and hear your little 6 year old voice I want to grab you up and hold you till the end of time never letting you, never letting you grow another inch.

When you started kindergarten this year I promised you I wouldn’t leave the parking lot and I actually stayed at first, I couldn’t bear to leave you either. When you walked down that long hall to your classroom, when you cried I cried a hundred times harder when I got to the car. I cried for a month, you cried for 2 weeks. I missed you so much more than I could ever express but I knew Kindergarten would be good for you and you loved it.

Little tiny baby girl, you are a light in my life, you made us whole as a family and we’re all sure you hung the moon. Your beauty takes my breath away, I am so much more thankful for you than I ever thought possible. I am so much more in love with you than I ever thought possible.

I love that you have learned to read and write us notes. Just yesterday Kid1 pulled a note out of his pocket saying how loved he is and sweet too, he grinned as he read it. You always know how to brighten a persons day.

Dear dear baby girl, I love you to the ends of the earth, as high as the highest mountain, as deep as the deepest ocean and forever you’ll be my little baby girl.

Every ounce of love,


p.s. were having her party this weekend so I'll post a pic of her 6th birthday then.

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