Sunday, June 13, 2010

and we're OUTTA here...

I know you won't be shocked to know that Bat Girl and I have hit the road on a very long road trip. Let me assure you of these things-

1. Bat Girl will ask me "Are we there yet" as a joke at least once before we hit Atlanta.
2. Bat Girl will ask me "Are we there yet" NOT as a joke at least 10 times before we arrive.
3. We will eat at cracker barrel because it's what we do.
4. We will leave something at Cracker barrel because it's what we do.
5. We will laugh ourselves sick and I am crossing my fingers...... errr..... legs that I don't wet my pants. (she's really funny)
6. I WILL throw something out the window because the kids are fighting about it, lets cross our fingers it won't be expensive like an Ipod.
7. I will say "I miss Chick Fil A" too many times to count once we are out of Chick Fil A country
8. I will get tired and grouchy
9. Bat Girl will get tired and grouchy and even though I will be driving, she won't take a nap.
10. once it gets dark, I will get nervous once I see a deer and honk.
11. Bat Girl will tell me how the deer can't hear a horn and smack me.
12. I'll keep honking
13. We will have a wonderful time.
14. I will yell in the car, I won't be able to help it.
15. Bat Girl will shout out "Beazer" to make me laugh.
16. We will make up names for ourselves when we get tired (last time we did stripper names)
17. at some point we will take one too many bites of something sugary and be sick.
18. She will crack and have a soda
19. I will just crack.
20. We will have the vacation of a lifetime because we always do.


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