Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sweet sweet girls

Girls are darling, really they are! I often say that my girls are the most challenging and it’s true, my girls are far more challenging than my boys. My girls are much more hard headed and strong willed than my boys are but the pay offs to those challenges are totally worth it.

When we had our first girl, I was determined to encourage her independence, make sure she had her own ideas and help her along with her strong will. I wanted a girl who could stand on her own, and be confident in all her choices.

I have to tell you that with confidence and strong will there are also challenges. It’s hard to know where to draw the line sometimes, what is strong will and what is defiance. I sometimes struggled with her as a preschooler trying to help her wade through the waters of being confident with a side of strong will, hold the belligerent.

One of my favorite things about girls is the way they love each other. I love it when girls hug, because girls hug with all their heart and soul. I have been witness to these amazing hugs so many times as a mom of girls but there is always one or two friends who they just can’t let go of and for my girl it’s her lifelong friend “precious perfect”.

Kid2 and Precious perfect have been friends since they were 3 and 4 and they have had a long friendship through good and bad. They were separated by circumstances when they were young and it’s the most amazing thing to witness how they run to each other and hold onto each other when they are together again. I’m always so honored to be in the presence of true friend love. They just pick right up where they left off, hug each other the exact same way and hang on every word the other says. It’s truly amazing.

Have you ever had a friend like that? Did you have someone you adored when you were young and just never lost the love for that friend? I had several, I loved Julie and we were best friends instantly when we were little girls and still love each other so very much. Melissa and I had a rough start (LOL) but Melissa saw me through some very tough times as a teenager and I have loved keeping in touch with her and learning new things about her through facebook. Stephanie and I were inseparable in high school for a short time and had a connection that has lasted all these years; we also pick up where we left off a short time ago. Of course I don’t need to mention Bat Girl- DUH we are still inseparable and try to spend most days together laughing and picking up where we left off only the day before!

Girlfriends are an amazing gift. Girls stay friends through hard times and support each other through the unimaginable. Girls are amazing to raise while witnessing their friendships and how they become strong and confident. I’m working to hug my girls a little tighter, smile at them a little longer and spend a lot more time appreciating them. Won’t you join me in supporting our girls?

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wabisabigirl said...

I'm glad we're still friends:) And that thanks to technology I feel like I know you better than ever!!