Friday, October 30, 2009

goodbye Great Grandma

Will she live forever? Will she always be around? Will I always have a Great Grandma to cuddle up next to and enjoy? Will I always be able to say “MY Great Grandma is one hundred and ____ years old”? These are the things I have found myself asking over the years and now I have the answer.

My Great Grandmother, Alta Madeline Franks passed from this earth early Tuesday the 20th of October 2009 and entered the gates of heaven after serving 105 years in this ever changing world. I didn't make it to see her one last time, but I cherish the time I had.

As I have blogged before, my Great Grandma saw more change than I can even fathom. She was born when Oklahoma was still a territory she moved across Oklahoma on a covered wagon as a teen. In 1904 the average speed limit was 10 MPH and there were only 8000 cars in the US. My Grandmother’s family did not have a car, they rode horses.

When my grandmother was dating my grandfather they rode horses to meet each other. Can you imagine how different things were back then? Can you imagine the change she witnessed in her lifetime? My Grandma was a proud woman who loved her children deeply. She was the kind of mother that gave good sound advice and her kids sought her advice until the very end. She was a non judgmental and wise woman.

I have so many memories of my Great Grandma I could never write them all. Some of my favorite memories are of her and I having tea parties, she would make tea and put out sugar and cream and set the table and we would have tea together and she would always make me laugh. When we visited my Grandma we would pretend to fish from the side of her porch, play in her garden and we always ate strawberries with sugar on them after lunch. My Grandma let us play with her beautiful brush and mirror, her jewelry and snuggle up with her sock monkey when we curled up with her at night.

Dear Grandma, I can’t imagine this life without you, I never thought it would happen, I guess I thought you would live forever. I loved that you never changed, I loved that your face was always the same. You were such a constant in my life and I treasure all of the memories and all of the moments you have given to me. I will miss you forever and ever. Rest peacefully Grandma, you certainly deserve it…. And tell Grandpa hello from me, I miss him too!

I love you.

(I can't get this video to turn- I'm sorry)


Brandi said...

What an amazing woman. My prayers are with you and your family. :)

jen said...

OH Ashley I get to meet her when we get to heaven! I'll bring my NaNa (great grandma that passed at 87) and we can drink tea & play cards! I know how much you must miss her there is nothing quite like a great grandma they are so precious! YOu and your family are in my prayers. I bet she's riding her horse on a gold paved street right now :)