Sunday, March 8, 2009

**Saturday night fever**

Usually our Saturday nights include a whole lotta….


We may run a kid here or there but usually we don’t do much at all. We sit, we rest from the day, we hang out together but this Saturday night we did something we HAVE NEVER done before. We did something that I would have said we would NEVER do. We did something monumental … (maybe just mental)… something crazy….

We sang Karaoke!

Truth be told THEY sang Karaoke, I watched. It was fun, it was family friendly and we would do it again in a heartbeat. TRY IT, try it, try it!

check out the dress up shoes above!


Holly said...

Hahah looks like a great time! Love the dress up shoes! :)

wabisabigirl said...

Now THAT'S funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown up kid2 is. I teared up just thinking how small she was when we met...or did I tear up because I'm getting old...hmmm

millerhood said...

Wow...who's Kid4's friend dancing like it's 1999?

They are too cute. We so enjoyed ourselves.