Sunday, March 29, 2009

a 1950's traditional dinner vs. a 2009 sandwich dinner- who will win?

During the 1940’s and 50’s the dinner table always had the same ol’ five things.
Another vegetable
Gravy for the meat

While visiting my Grammie when I was young I was witness to this dinner table menu. At Grammies we often had some type of meat, green beans, black eyes peas, corn on the cob, rolls and gravy… and a teeny tiny dish of something that was not finished the day before at dinner or lunch. It was simple, five things and dinner was on the table.

Personally I never understood the “five dinner” menu myself; it seemed like a lot of work. In her defense most of it was right out of her very own garden. My Grammie could have a table set with food on it just as my Granddaddy walked in the door- she just sensed he was coming.

I wasn’t alive in the 40’s or 50’s but I know since I was eating there since 1975 that it must have always been that way. Even when it was just the two of them they ate that way. Call it tradition; call it habit, that’s how it happened. My Grammie was consistent and predictable. I loved that about her. (She was also very neat and clean)

When I go to visit Mt Perfect I always go to Oklahoma to visit with my Granddaddy. I try to take him food, usually a pot of beans that will last him- you probably read the last spill the beans post. The trip was a trying one to Oklahoma, normally I would go during the day- I am seriously scared of the dark and nothing scares me like south eastern Oklahoma in the dark-


Begin side note.
It’s not that I DON’T believe in big foot- It’s not that I DO believe in big foot- It’s that if the whole Big Foot thing is actually true, I don’t want to see him and I promise if it’s true, he lives on my Granddaddy’s property. I’m not even kidding! So I always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry so I prefer to travel to Hoof-ville during the day.
End side note.

ANYWAY- It had been a long day, I cooked the beans, yada yada yada… we got all packed up to go to Oklahoma we were running later and later with spilling the beans, needing gas, Kid4 having to go Potty. I was a little stressed because I know my Granddaddy was waiting on us to take him to dinner.

SO- I called my mom to ask if he liked Subway, I have never taken him there and she mentioned how it’s my Aunt Fern’s favorite place to eat. (one of the only places in Hoof-ville) I called Aunt Fern, and invited her to join us there. I picked up Granddaddy and headed to meet aunt Fern at Subway.

When I mentioned Subway to one very grouchy, hungry old farmer he did not take it well. He apparently DOES NOT eat sandwiches for dinner. As we pulled in, he let us know that the last time he had eaten there was the first time and he said he’d never go back. Bat Girl and I were a little nervous…

We got in sat down and he wanted to know what they had- I read the menu to him, and after a few sandwiches he would say “DO THEY JUST HAVE A BURGER?”…. I would read a few more and he would say “WHAT ABOUT A BURGER”? I was starting to feel like he wanted a burger! :0)

This is how the conversation (if you can call it that) went:

Me- tuna fish, turkey and bacon, BMT….
Me- any kind of salad he would like, roast beef, maybe crab meat?
Him- B-U-R-G-E-R?
Me- (surely he will be wooed by the red meat selection, after all he is a farmer) Meatball with cheese, Philly cheese steak?
Him- *B*U*R*G*E*R*?

My Sweet Bat Girl grabbed the keys to the batmobile and drove down the street to The burger barn (yes, thats the real name)and got a burger for the two of them. She is so nice! I was relieved that he was now looking down the barrel of a hamburger and fries.

That was my night, a 2009 dinner at Subway, apparently NOT comparable to a 1950’s dinner that one very stubborn old farmer was use to.

He ate and was full.
We ate and were full.
I didn’t see Big Foot.
The end!

should we suggest that subway start carrying burgers? I mean the whole eat fresh thing... they won't mind... right?

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