Monday, March 9, 2009

"truth is stranger than fiction"

I had a strange day. It’s way too much to write about. Bat Girl said it when she said “Truth is stranger than fiction” she’s right.

I saw a legless boy, a crying woman, a man telling his life story to a woman who didn’t care to hear it, a Grandma telling all about how her granddaughter just landed in Beijing for a mission trip, a man walking through a waiting room with a huge arm full of collard greens (I’m serious) a bearded woman and a woman slapping her poor bored and apparently thirsty child. It all happened in a waiting room and I would rather forget it.

By mid-day I was exhausted but it was the first day of tumbling for Kid4 and the first day for Kid2 to volunteer at the local dance studio. The girls loved it, Kid4 did really well and Kid2 was in hog heaven being back in a dance studio. Other than the moldy ceiling tile that I could barely take my eyes off in the waiting room it was nice to know the girls were having a good time.

The evening ended with Mr. B. taking me to a nice dinner at a new pizza place and it was nice to catch my breath and talk to him. It’s always nice to catch up and actually have time to talk without interruption.

No pictures- I forgot….

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