Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pray for Stellan

Please remember to pray for the Mck-family. MckMama is struggling! Seriously struggling! You know when you feel like you are completely out of control- like life is spinning out of control around you- like as things are spiraling out of control there you stand in the middle of it all and all you want is one second to feel steady and something to grab on to? I think thats probably how MckMama feels about now.

I can remember the world swirling around me when my Mom called to say that my nephew had been hit by a truck and it didn't look like he would make it. The room started spinning, I started feeling like the walls were closing in on me and kept saying "NO! NO! NO!" My poor brother and sister in law were in my mind, I knew they must be devastated. My nephew had ooodles of extended family who adored him and I could just see them melting into puddles of misery. Spinning, misery, wondering if he would make it, feeling out of control... helpless.

I hate for anyone to feel this way - ANYONE! I have been on my knees praying for baby Stellan. I know God has a plan, I know MckMama knows God has a plan. Even though there is a plan in place by God, her heart must still ache, she must ache to her bones. I keep praying that God will wrap his peace around her and give her moments of true peace.

Please pray for them- whenever you can, wherever you are- in your car, in your bed, on your knees, at your desk, at your computer, in the elevator, JUST PRAY!