Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy happy birthday baby



I met this young man 18 years ago today on a Sunday and he changed my life forever. When I met him, I had no idea the profound affect he would have on my life.

Eighteen years ago a young man, the ripe age of a very new twenty walked into the building of my church, I was the greeter and was happy to greet him- he was cute! This young man came to church that day because it was his birthday and he was feeling a little guilty for his swanky Navy ways and thought he would come to church and seek a little forgiveness from his Lord. Little did this young man know, he would end up getting more than just forgiveness and a little sermon.

Eighteen years ago today I asked this young man if he was “taken” and he said “yes, I am engaged” and eighteen years ago today I became more determined than one very young girl should have been.

Eighteen years ago today I looked into that young man’s eyes and saw stars, I saw my forever and I hooked him- not right then, not even that week, but he was mine soon enough.

When you get married young, you kind of watch each other grow up and I have had the profound privilege and sometimes daunting task of watching that man grow up into a respectful, successful and amazing grown up man.

What a ride it’s been, how that young man changed, I can’t even tell you- there aren’t enough words. When I met him that March day, I never imagined him as a full grown up and he is. I never imagined us old, responsible, regular adults and here we are together 18 years later doing life together.

Dear young man who grew into a remarkable grown up man.
I can’t believe we’re here, almost grown children, half lived lives, bills, cars, full grown adults, still together and happy. I won’t lie to you, there were times I wondered if we would make it through to the next day much less a whole new year and were here- 18 years together, 17 years married. Does that seem like a miracle to you too? Do you ever look back on the obstacles we had and marvel at us and how we have done this life, this marriage, and these kids? I do.

Today I thought about you and how I always bite off more than I can chew and you- you’re there to chew it up with me, you take over, you can handle anything. Today I thought about how many years I wondered if you would ever be right and if I would ever be wrong and all along you knew you were right but let me think it was me about too many things I care to fess up too. You’re more patient than I realized, you’ve been so patient with me over the years. You’ve turned into this fantastic father, more of a father than I could have dreamed of and more than I thought you would be. I can’t tell you how valuable the gift of loving our children like you do is to me. You have turned out to be more than I could have ever asked for in a man, father and friend.

Happy Birthday to you “old man” I can’t believe were looking down the barrel of 40- time is rushing by us. I am so honored to be doing life with you by my side; I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love you

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