Thursday, March 5, 2009

magical mixing

Yesterday was spent running errands and making cakes for a special Daddy. I found this great cake idea from this website and vowed to make it with Kid4 weeks ago, but never have. As Mr. B.’s birthday drew near I decided that his birthday was the perfect occasion for this special cake and I was right.

The cake of many colors, rainbow cake, psychedelic cake, whatever you want to call it cake turned out perfectly and I urge you to make it with your young. I put the colors in the bottom of separate bowls and then white cake mix on top and as she mixed the colors came alive and she was hooked. She stirred each one like it was magic and each time was thrilled at a new color- it was entrancing to watch her feel like she had the power of color right at her finger tips.

The mess was minimal, the result was magical, and the taste was delectable! Try it, I dare you.

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