Monday, March 16, 2009

my trip

my trip was many things but restful it was NOT.

It was 13 hours one way, freezing rain, silly kiddlings, the best sweet tea (Herschels)in the world accompanied by the best burger ever (Randy's) with a little side of the best friend in the universe (BatGirl). There was alot of brick morter stuck on my hands, unwashable, patching a popcorn ceiling and a little transplanting of the popcorn pieces. There was a whole lotta laughing, very little sleep and my birthday.

My birthday was full of a two hour drive to see my Grandaddy and my parents who happened to be in hoofville for a few days. It was full of hugging the men I love, enjoying the scent of my mother, watching my girl love her Gran, a flat tire, a tight lugnut, four adults not able to change a single tire themselves, a bathroom with dirty rags to dry my clean hands a rip in the crotch of my jeans, a birthday lunch followed by another two hour drive back to Mt. Perfect.

The end of my trip pretty much consisted of very little sleep, a lot of rain, more rain, kids stuffed into a truck, realizing my bladder isn't what she use to be, lots of dirty bathrooms, more rain, some slippery roads and a 15 hour drive due to weather.

Im home, Im tired and no matter what it sounds like written down, I wouldn't change a minute of it. I love my life!

*plus I have Bat Girl and Dusty the WHOLE week- does it get better than that?*


millerhood said...

Glad you guys had a safe trip and a good time.

We are so overdue to go home.

We hope to make a trip this summer.

Jill at Woodsy Ivy said...

That is HILARIOUS! Sounds like fun though, in a crazy, busy, wacky kinda way! :-)

Kari Lynette said...

There is not much you say that I disagree with, BUT, yes I know you knew it was coming, there is a BUT............the place you refer to as Mt. Perfect. That is actually my Mt. Misery!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that someone has such wonderful memories of that place!! I am certainly happy for you Ashley. That just further proves that you truly ARE a miracle worker!!!


Ashley said...

Kari- I know that so many would agree with you about "Mt. Perfect". I know I love it more than most others, it's just home to me. I very rarely dislike a place but "Mt. Perfect" has a special place in my heart for sure. It's where I first met you, it's where I got married, so many things.

I understand your dislike of it and wish your memories of it were better.

I love you so much- you've always been a special sister to me. Take care dear girl and remember how important you are to us!