Monday, March 23, 2009

co-pilots, road warriors, crazy girls....

Bat Girl and I have taken many long trip together. We use to drive between Colorado Springs and Mt. Perfect every other weekend, a short 16 hour drive. We have spent many hours in the car laughing, talking, listening and reading. One of my favorite memories of her and me on a long drive is the time we missed our turn by about two hours!

Our kids were little and we had found this steamy romance novel that we wanted to read, but I don’t read much and we couldn’t possibly let the kids see us reading such smut. So we smartly waited until they were fast asleep and as leaned towards each other, my driving and her reading we read and drove for hours like this. We were so into the book that her gas warning light gave us a warning, scared us to death, snapped us back to reality and we realized then that we had missed our turn by two hours. We had just been cruising down the road reading and lost all contact with reality. We have always laughed so hard about that!

One of my other favorite memories was when we were taking the kids to California for vacation. I had to take my dogs and turtle-long story. We packed up the kids, my dogs and turtle all into a van and off we went. This is the second time I realized how HUGE the state of Texas is! She was driving late that night, we were all snoozing and she got pulled over by the nicest cop. I woke up to her saying “sure, officer I CAN get my license but your going to have to wait a minute – it’s in the back, wherever my purse is stuffed, under my friend, our 4 kids, two dogs and a turtle…” He politely told her to slow down and that was that.

I love the memories we have had; I love the road trip we have taken. I told her last night that if I had realized how many trips we would take together through the years I would have logged all the miles. We have been coast to coast together and loved almost every minute of it. We would have rather skipped the icy spinning in circles on the highway, the throwing up at the Steak and Shake drive thru, the very small innocent turtle who never had a chance in the middle of the road, the many accidents we have seen but not been involved in and the hundreds of dirty bathrooms!

We take the good with the bad and I truly wouldn’t change a second of the sights we’ve seen, miles we’ve covered laughs and scares we have had. I covet the memories- I love them. Those hours together have glued us together like brick and mortar. We know how the other travels, when one is thirsty, hungry, we are truly companions who know each other inside and out. I’m glad to travel with her by my side and proud to call her my co-pilot! Thanks for all the good trips Bat Girl and heres to many many more!

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Anonymous said...

Awh Mom! You and "Bat Girl" are such great friends, I hope me and Jaime will be best friends forever, just like you and bat girl. I miss you so much, I am eager to get home. :) Love and miss you,
Kid 2 :)