Thursday, April 19, 2012

some sweet advisement

If you've ever met my kids, you know pretty quickly that Kid3 is much more mild mannered, quieter and MUCH more low maintenance than my others. He was born that way. He was always so easy, God knew I needed an easy little guy the third time around. When he was a baby, he would wait to eat, he had no problem waiting in his crib until I could get to him. If Kid3 was truly unhappy I could hand him a banana and all was well with him. I've always said if all my kids were like Kid3, I might have ten or twelve more!

Last night we had a meeting at the school for kid3 to talk about him being on track to graduate, his grades, what credits he will need next year, etc. I'll be honest, these meetings don't go nearly as well when Kids 1 and 2 are involved. Kid1's graduation was … stressful to say to the least and Kid2, although easily graduating, not super easy going.

Kid3's advisor obviously really likes him, she is super sweet and genuinely enjoys her job, which is always nice to encounter. While Mr. B read and signed forms, Mrs. teacher showed me something that reminded me just how sweet my Kid3 is. A goal sheet that he filled out at the beginning of the year, my kid said this-

goals for high school
1. get good grades
2. be a good student
3. get a job

goals for life
1. find a steady job
2. make enough money to support my family

I love these goals for a high school boy. I smiled knowing that my Kid3 is so sweet and I love that about him! It's always nice to hear nice things about high school boys… because they can be so BLECH!


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