Thursday, April 12, 2012

quirky colorful beauty

Im a serious Easter egg dying fool! Well, let me clarify. I LOVE to boil eggs, make colored water and watch the kids GO. TO. TOWN. Have you ever noticed how no single Easter egg EVER comes out the same as another? There are no twin Easter eggs in this business! Easter eggs remind me of kids, they are a dramatic mix of pure individual beauty.

But this year, there were a little less kids (plural) and a little more kid (single). I made every color of the rainbow. I boiled 5 dozen eggs. And… well… ONE kid came to my little egg dying party. (to be perfectly honest, another little girl came too, but she was NOT interested in hard boiled eggs… she took a big ol' bite and decided this was no fun)

I'll tell you what, THIS little girl, THIS little brown haired beauty is a pleasure! Watching her splash the milky white round canvases into their bright destiny was awe inspiring. This little lass adds a brilliant splash of vibrant life to all of us.

I often sit and wonder how I could have gotten so lucky. She makes our days bright, our nights superb and our lives rich. She has aspergers and there is no way I would change a single thing about her. She neatly lines things up, she lives by dates and times and she is absolutely lovely in every way. She's MY very own personal easter egg, MY colorful princess, MY own quirky little ball of gorgeous fire and I couldn't ask for more.

I ADORE you kid4!

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