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prom sweet prom

~last years pictures~
Oh! the prom

First let me start by saying that I have never been in huge support of the prom. Its possible that I am not big on the prom because of my private school background. Heck, who knows? I never went to a dance, EVER, in my whole life. I am basically dance-less and I've always been okay with it. I have always felt strongly that it's a waste of money, waste of time and CERTAINLY an immoral way to spend a night.


I started looking at a lot of things differently. I have also never thought a big wedding was important (perhaps thats because I didn't have one) but I have come to the realization that I may be wrong, errrr….. I am wrong (a little).

I digress

Have you seen little girls pretending to be brides? Have you witnessed the beauty of little girls dressing up and pretending to be grown and go to dances and weddings and princess tea parties? It's quite possibly my favorite part of raising girls! I could sit for hours watching them pretend to cook, hold babies, change clothes a thousand times and admire themselves. I LOVE raising girls. (most of the time)

This is not to say that all girls love these things. Lots of girls don't. My sister didn't love to play house as much as I did and I have seen lots of little girls who would rather pretend to be dogs and vets and would rather not dress up. I think the world is wonderfully full of girly girls and not so girly girls.

back to prom

I didn't go to prom and never even considered paying hundreds of dollars for a dress I would wear once. I didn't spend any time thinking about prom and those kinds of things when my kids were little. Last year, I realized that prom could be a very important day for girls, much like a wedding (hold the reproduction please).

Kid1 didn't want to go, he doesn't like crowds, he doesn't enjoy dressing up and he certainly doesn't want to stand in line at a restaurant to eat expensive food in a rented tux before the night even starts. I could understand his point of view, but I also realized that his sweet sweet girlfriend had probably been dreaming about her first prom since she was a little girl. It's not always about what makes us comfortable, sometimes we have to do things we aren't comfortable with to make dreams come true for those we love. She was so excited and he was a nervous wreck. They had a great time, they really did. It was quite a feeling seeing him all dressed up and watching them walk out together. His sweet girlfriend is lovely.

as a matter of fact

I don't think I have ever given his sweet girlfriend a name on this blog… how could I have over looked this? Okay, I will write her introduction blog another day. We call her Window around here. I can tell you this- she IS a window to pure beauty, kindness, and sweet as candy!

anyway back to prom

I have a few prom rules.

  • I will pay 200 towards a dress
  • I will NOT pay for dinner
  • I will NOT pay for prom tickets
  • I will help pay for gas if your low
  • I will take great pictures anywhere you want
  • I will cheer and root as you walk out
  • I will NOT allow drinking and have to know the address where you are prom night if you go to a party.
  • I will stop by.
  • I will be so proud to see you shine and look beautiful on a special night
  • I will swoon at the pictures I took while your at prom and wonder how you grew so quickly
  • I will be a nervous wreck until your car is parked safely at home
So basically, after growing older, raising teens and realizing quite a bit about life, but not nearly enough to get by, I realize that prom can be a very important night for girls. It is more than a money sucker, more than a night to be all girly and dressy. Prom can be a magical night of taking a night to enjoy dressing up, enjoy the privilege of being part of a group of friends, showing school pride and feeling like a princess. Prom within reason, can be a magical event. I have come to really enjoy it.

Happy prom night Kid2 and Window, I hope it's magnificent!

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