Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday my Angel Pie!

Im sitting here thinking about her… wondering when it happened… when in the world did she grow up? When did this little princess turn 18 and how? This was her half of her life ago. A dance, a 50's dance for her 9th birthday and I thought she was old then! I remember making that skirt and thinking; "HOW can she already be 9"?

The hot watermelon sweaty faced summers have flown by and now she's grown, not a baby anymore. She spends her days working and thinking of college in the fall. What happened to those sticky Texas summers when she played outside until the moon was high in the sky? What happened to those moments of little girl giggles and sleepovers on the porch?

Its like I blinked and she's gone, I'm finished bundling her up in a coat and mittens to go to school, done making her do homework and practice ballet. Its like my mission is almost complete and I'm not ready. I'm not finished writing the music for her to dance off into life yet… IM NOT FINISHED!

Where did the never ending teen years go? How did they run away from us so quickly? How could she have possibly gone from 13 to 18? It's only been a minute!

I wonder sometimes if I will ever see her as an adult? Will I ever see her as a grown woman and not my baby girl? She was born running, wanting more and pushing forward. My mission as her mom has been to hold her tight and not let her run too fast. How in the world will I let her be grown now?

Dear very first baby girl, My dear fiery little daughter who isn't so little anymore, I always knew you'd be extraordinary, you always were. From the minute you were born you were running for more, for better, for bigger and watching you grow has been an honor. Our life hasn't been perfect but I really wouldn't have it any other way because these things have made you who you are. These things have enabled you to understand others and yourself more deeply. You have always had a light in your eye that is often misunderstood. It's the light of your deep faith, the light of your strong soul. You have so many times inspired me to be better, to make better choices and to change my path and for those things I thank you. Thank you for being my daughter, my little stubborn joy and my strength. I am so thankful that God chose you for me.

Happy 18th Birthday my love. I can't wait to watch you continue to grow and blossom. I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Momma

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