Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful girls

Window was an absolute beauty all dressed up for prom. She truly is always beautiful and it was such an honor to be able to share this moment with her and watch her sparkle! Kid1 is at boot camp so his very best friend, Mr. T, took sweet window to the prom and they had a great time. Mr. T is about the most wholesome guy you will ever meet. We love him around here!

My gorgeous first daughter, Kid2 looked like a doll, she is rockin' the pin up hair! She asked her daddy to walk her out for the Senior walk out (I am trying to deny that she is a senior), and they looked gorgeous together. It was so fun to see the excitement on their faces as they ate dinner and swooned over each other. What a fun night!

Here's our prom crew. Kid2's date, J and Kid2. The girls absolutely hilarious and memorable sweet friend L, Window and Mr. T. The beautiful and lovely C and her date K. I think they looked all looked perfect. (is it just me or does hilarious L look like Audrey Hepburn?)


Brandi said...

Awww, sorry Window didn't get to go to prom with her man. :( Her dress is gorgeous! And, wholly cow Kid2!!!! STUNNING! I love her throw-back look. I mean, absolutely. stunning.

ChristinaFromDallas said...

Gorgeous family! They look so much better than I did going to prom. Sheesh was I cheesy.