Wednesday, March 2, 2011

happy birthday Dusty

Dear Dusty,

Dear little round faced boy, how can it be that you are 14? Today I thought about you all day and felt sad because you were always the "little one" we always referred to you and kid3 as "the little boys" and often we still do but today when I looked across the table at you, at your bright blue eyes and your wide smile and watched you laugh and talk I saw this great big boy and cried inside to myself because I don't want you to be 14, I want you to be 4.

When you were 4 life seemed easier, your face was a circle and matched your glasses, we travelled all over and you talked to me all night while the other kids slept, you called me AshWee and I loved it. When you were 4 you wore little button down shirts, jeans and cowboy boots, you and Kid3 played dress up for hours and hours on end and I just knew life couldn't get any better for you two. When you were 4 your hair was almost white it was so blonde and my Grammie adored you in fact everyone did. We couldn't go anywhere without someone saying how adorable you were and they were right- you were perfectly perfect.

My Dusty I love you so much, you are simply amazing. I love you more and more every year. I always knew you were brilliant, I always knew that your mind was superior and every year you show us just how remarkable you are. Keep being you, keep shining and know that forever and ever you will always be my Dusty, I will always love you. To me you'll always be one of "the little boys".

I love you brilliant boy, happy birthday.

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