Sunday, March 13, 2011


"Friendship is one mind in two bodies." ~Mencius

If I spent all of the next year writing all that you are to me, there would still be words left unsaid. There isn't anyone else I would want to share the memories of this life with, anyone else I could trust to hold them.

I wanted to get you something spectacular ... something as amazing as you ... so I found this:


but ... turns out the Museum of Modern Art won't sell it!!

the nerve!

I was really in a pickle. (ha!)

This has been a year … of dreams found and lost, wings spread and the occasional fall, whirlwind trips and crazy songs. And that's not even the children! *w*

And this next year … full of changes and surprises and laughter and tears … this year is gonna be GREAT!

(I know because I’ve already put a bird on it)

I love you!


*the starry night, Van Gogh

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