Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dinner for 4 please?

My birdie pie and I stopped in D.C. on our way to Chicago and although it was an absolute NIGHTMARE (or "nightmarer" as kid4 likes to call it) to haul our bags around it was worth the look on her face when she saw the capital building.

As she walked out of the train station there is stood right in front of us and although she thought it was the white house at first, she was in awe. She dropped her bags and screamed in excitement. She was totally overcome with excitement. Kid4 knew more facts about Washington D.C. than I could ever have imagined… she begged to at least try to visit the Obama's. She just wanted to at least "give them a call" and just "ask if they might want to have dinner". You know because I always call Michelle when I go to Washington :/

Lovely exhaustion is the best way to describe this day with Kid4 in Washington D.C.

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