Monday, March 28, 2011

My little birdie pie and I took a little vacation together to Chicago. Our adventures were amazing!

Kid4's amtrack buddy! Nothing like finding a friend!

Kid4 and I hopped a train in Atlanta with visions of skyscrapers, museums and american girl dolls dancing in our heads… we settled in for a long night on the train and she SLEPT. In fact she slept so hard that she kicked the people in front of us several times…. I felt bad and apologized profusely… (I just pretended like I didn't snore- maybe they thought she snored AND kicked).

I kid you not, it took me an hour at least to build our little nest, set out or blankets, get our bags situated, get all comfortable… once I did we hardly moved! She played her games, colored, drew, we talked and best of all she met a friend and they played for hours!

The train is amazing, it's a beautiful way to see the country, the bathroom wasn't too bad, I am totally pretending that she didn't go once barefooted…. there are just some things that you have to try and forget :( We met no crazies, we brought all our own food and snacks and had plenty of space to stretch out.

Travel by train, it's a lovely way to take a breath, see the U.S and enjoy your traveling buddy…. (you might want to consider a sleeper car though, we didn't because I wanted to shop in Chicago).

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