Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Do you crave peacefulness? What is peaceful to you? The dictionary describes peace as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquil. Peace is many things to me, my babies sleeping in my arms quietly, a quiet house after a long day, a long talk with an old friend. I think to me peace always includes some form of quiet. Im not sure that quiet is always peaceful to everyone. I think some find peace in noises and crowds.

I often feel like I can breath again when I get to Mt. Perfect or visit hoofville… a place full of childhood memories gives me a sense of peace and belonging. The long red dirt road to my Grammies house makes me take a breath, fills me with a peace that is unexplainable. The sound of the swaying trees in Mt Perfect allows me to close my eyes and know that I am home.

Do you ever find yourself trying so hard to keep peace that you mess it all up? Do you ever think about how easy peace is to achieve but sometimes feel like it's always out of reach? Whats your peace friends? What makes you breath? What makes you feel totally secure? What makes you close your eyes and know that you are home?

I hope you always have a sense of peace, a way to find it and someone to share it with.

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