Thursday, February 24, 2011

her teacher (just for T)

Kid4's teacher is a lovely person.
We love her.
Can you tell how Kid4 adores her with the care she took to draw her bangs over to the side so carefully with a green flower?
Can you tell how she adores her every step with her black beautiful shoes?
Can you tell how important she is by the polka dots on her beautiful blue dress and lovely long arms?
Can you see the amount of love piling up next to her from kid4's heart with all those hearts?
Oh Miss C- we love you!
How did we get so lucky as to get another great teacher this year too?
I think you are lovely and beautiful too!
Love Kid4 and her mom!

1 comment:

~k~ said...

i love miss c too!

annnd ... that looks JUST like her!