Thursday, February 17, 2011

AND… thats why I blog!

I have been doing some hard core thinking about my blog lately. I have been asked before if my life as written on my blog is real or just a front and there is an easy answer to that. I never mind answering this question because it's simple.

My blog, my thoughts that I share are my real life, but I don't share the messy parts, the hard times, the times where I'm beside myself in tears, the parts where I'm sure my whole life is going to crumble away any minute. Blogging is like scrap booking in a way. If you are putting together a beautiful book of pictures and memories for your children would you also share the horror stories? Would you also include the miserable parts of your marriage, the days when you think you might actually put the kids up for auction at the local auction house? I wouldn't. I publish my blog into books once a year at Christmas time for my father-in-law and myself and the books are dedicated to my children. My blog is written for them to remember the good times vividly and leave the bad memories behind.

I purposely don't promote my blog by talking about teenagers and sex, teenagers and what they wear, alcoholism, skeletons in my closet or anyone else's because I want to read my own blog and smile and remember my house, remember my children and their funny stories. I want to look back at my own advice and either take it or laugh at it. It's a way to watch myself and my babies grow not a way to expose my children, lay my marriage bare or cause my family or friends discomfort.

I love to blog, I love to write and express myself and I hope that someday my children will look back at these words and be inspired to enjoy the minutes with their children more than I did, love stronger than I did, live healthier than I did and be the best people they can be. I hope for them that they can look back and read these sentences that I have written for them and smile remembering that even though childhood is not as easy as people make it out to be that there were amazingly memorable times. I want them to remember these times as vividly as possible.

and I'm terrible at scrap booking.