Monday, January 4, 2010

the older the deader...and a charm

A conversation about my oldness
Kid4- Momma can I have a charm from your bracelet?
Me- no honey, I don't want to take it off.
Kid4- but I want something to remember you by.
Me- Honey, Im NOT going anywhere.
Kid4- Mom! You are going to die in a few days and I HAVE to have something to remember you by. PLEASE mom, PLEASE!
Me- Honey, I am not going to die. Why do you say that?
Kid4- because you are SO OLD and old people die.
Me- honey I don't even have grey hair yet!
Kid4- MOM seriously, you're REALLY old.
Me- well if I die, you can have the whole bracelet.

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Brandi said...

HAHAHA! That one... she's a funny girl. My kids say ridiculous things like that too. It's somewhat disturbing and humorous at the same time! Most recently, I was asked if I'd come back and haunt them when I die so they'd still get to see me. *eye roll* ;)