Saturday, January 9, 2010

get out and please don't leave me!

Are your kids dating yet? What’s the thing with dating? What can I do to help my kids make good choices? Why am I so excited to see the excitement in her eyes when she’s headed out the door and then a nervous wreck once the door closes?

Let me back up and give you a little history about our kids and dating. Kid1 “dated” a girl a year ago; she was quite a high maintenance character to say the least. Neither one of them could drive so they were double dating with us; I never saw so many movies in my life! She was very shy and super bossy; we didn’t like her, but tolerated her. Although he was sad when he ended things with her (religious differences and more) we we’re relieved.

Kid1 has “dated” a few girls here and there, mostly as friends, you know Waffle House and a movie type of a thing. I’m totally cool with Kid1 dating and he is old enough and he’s a boy. WHY ARE WE OKAY WITH BOYS DATING and girls we are more uptight about. It’s ridiculous!

Okay, so Kid2 has had a couple of “boyfriends” in the past, you know the type that hold your hand at school and the ones where your family has to have an obligatory dinner with a strange family to support your daughters dating decisions?

Kids 1 and 2 have quite a strange and close relationship. Their relationship is a whole different post. My Kid1 has several girls he thinks are cute, but he has newly fallen in love with his car and the relationship between a boy and his car is like no other. Kid2 is a different story. She is a very faithful friend to girls and boys alike. She has a very close friend who I know, no matter what she says about it, she would love to date. He is a darling boy whom we loved immediately. We would love for her to “date” him. They go to dinner, spend hours talking, laugh and have a blast together- but they are not “dating” (that’s what they say anyway) for blogging sake, we will call him Baby T.

Want to know the problem with it all? I’m not sure I ever want them to date. By them I mean my kids… want to know another problem? I’m also afraid they won’t date… what if they don’t date and never move out? (but what if they DO move out- oh dear!)

Baby T is Kid1’s best friend. I thought that this would a be perfect arrangement. He could take Kid2 out on a date and then when he drops her off he can hang out with Kid1… Kid1 does not see it this way. Apparently dating each others friends is not quite as easy as I thought.

Why is this so confusing? Why does dating have to be such a pain in the neck? I’m considering buying a house boat and moving far far away from everyone… no more dating, no more drama… but….. What if they don’t date and never move out?

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wabisabigirl said...

Oh my...some nights (when things are going too well and I have nothing else to worry about), I think about such things in horror...and worry that my kids will do to me what I did to my parents. Thinking about you! Your Kid2 is a smart girl, with a good head on her shoulders and wise parents who love her and pray for her and I'm sure she'll be fine.

I will not be so calm and assured when my turn comes, so remind me of this, ok? :)