Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bat Girls on the run

if you see this guy at a gas station- RUN!

I have a special prayer request for you today. Bat Girl's mom has been having some health problems so Bat Girl has gone to San Antonio to be with her mom for a few days. Her family could certainly use any prayers.

Anyone who knows us well won't believe that I didn't go with her but we decided I had better stay home to hold down the fort and the preschool. I spent a little while with her last night as she was packing and getting ready and as we said goodbye I just knew I would miss her like crazy till she comes home again. I was right, I woke up today feeling very sad that she wasn't 3 houses away...

I miss you Bat Girl, hug your mom, don't hurry home (even though I want you too) and BE SAFE!!!

I love you,

P.S. don't worry about a single thing.

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Brandi said...

I know you are worried and missing her terribly. I will keep Bat Girl and her mom in my prayers. :)