Saturday, January 16, 2010

my kids

I love...
how creative you are, how you make every single little thing fun.
how hard you work and how excited you are to get your paycheck.
how you drive (even though I don't act like it.)
how you are so excited to surprise us.
how you all love to be together.
how you all love each other.
how you get frustrated with each other but know its worth working out.
how you value your friendships enough to work at them.
how pure and sweet your hearts are.
how you smile and your laugh is infectious.

Dear Kid1, Kid2 and Baby T,
I could sit near you all while you laugh and play forever. Last night I sat there and watched while you laughed and made funny pictures and I can't even believe that one day my house will be quiet without you. I sit and wonder sometimes how I will make it through my days when you guys aren't here anymore. I wonder if we'll still all get together and stop our lives for just a few moments to laugh again and to be together and remember when you were young.
I promise you that when you do grow old and leave home that I will call you and we'll laugh, that when your tired from a long day that I will remind you of all the fun things we did together when you were young. I promise you that there will never be a time when my door is closed to you. I promise you that I'll be waiting here for you when you crave a good laugh, need a hug or just want to talk. I love you kids and I'm so honored to watch you grow and change.

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