Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pure- unadulterated- beauty

When I thought "swamp" I pictured SHREK… yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know.

When I witnessed the swamps in Louisiana they took my breath away. I wanted to stand for hours and study every little detail, and honestly would have if it weren't for the mosquitos and the children dancing behind me being eaten alive! I couldn't look hard enough or long enough for Alligators I felt like I was IN a Where's Waldo book… but no one else agreed! I guess it was because Alligators don't wear red and white stripes- who knows?

I loved Louisiana. I loved the swamps. I could not believe the beauty! I was shocked at what grows in the swamps- hundreds of different flowers, wild rice, too many things to remember. It was breathtaking, memorable, and a place that will certainly have a special place in my heart.
I loved Louisiana more than I could express in simple words. If you have a chance to witness the beauty of a louisiana swamp… please do. Pull over, take a chance with mosquitos, take a chance with an alligator, open your mind and look beyond, look far out, as far as your eye can see and study the beauty that is Louisiana.

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